CardiMax powers UP Women’s Volleyball Team

The UAAP Season 78 Volleyball tournaments are in full swing and the UP Women’s Volleyball Varsity Team (UPWVVT) is stepping up its game. Thanks to the dietary supplement CardiMax, players of the UPWVVT will be playing with extra doses of energy.


UPWVVT coach Jerry Yee and manager Maria Cecilia Ronquillo recently joined representatives from Integrated Pharmaceutical, Inc.—the company behind CardiMax—at Via Mare in University of the Philippines Diliman for the signing of the support agreement between CardiMax and the team.

“The team is young, strong, and very promising. We envision the team to be a top contender in the next few years,” said UP alumna Katheryn Feliciano, Integrated Pharmaceutical VP for Operations. “This is the perfect time to help in their athletic development.”


Aside from financial support, UPWVVT members will receive CardiMax supplements that they can take to help with training and competitions. Because the team undergoes rigorous preparation for their UAAP matches, the UPWVVT players always need to maintain a high energy level.

“The girls have always been working hard, and both training and games can be very grueling. Aside from being athletes, their lives as students are equally energy-consuming,” said Yee. “With CardiMax, they get added energy that enables them to realize their full potential as athletes and students.”

Harnessing power from within

CardiMax is a dietary supplement that offers pure  L-Carnitine, a nutrient that the human body naturally produces. However, a complete set of nutrients is required for the body to create enough L-Carnitine to convert fat into energy. One way of increasing production is by consuming red meat, but an increased intake of meat and fat also has harmful effects to health.

CardiMax fills the body’s L-Carnitine deficit, without needing increased red meat and food intake. This is helpful for athletes who must watch their diet but need a constant supply of energy to avoid fatigue and maintain physical performance.

CardiMax also offers other benefits such as muscle recovery and ammonia detoxification.

Integrated Pharma is looking forward to exploring and supporting other sports teams in the future, through both sports events and team sponsorships.


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