Juggle Labs Announces its New Juggle iPhone App

Juggle Labs, a mobile app company that is focused on delivering new and better ways to connect people, announces the global launch of its Juggle app.

The mobile tool has been beautifully designed to bring back the joy of planning and getting together with groups of friends.

Traditional planning tools like invitation web sites, Facebook or email are too heavy and cumbersome to use. Repurposed tools like group texting are too noisy and inadequate to plan an event for more than a few guests. What has been missing is a simple, elegant and joyful way to

make planning and invitations fun again.

Juggle allows anyone with an iPhone (Android version coming soon) to quickly create and send

engaging invitations to their friends for any type of event such as a dinner party, happy hour, coffee, hike or movies. Juggle events are centered on a fun photo or video that is either user generated or selected from one of the supplied Juggle photos, which can be uniquely personalized. Juggle handles all the details of the planning process including RSVPs and commenting before, during and after the event.

“People enjoy, crave and need to hang out with friends,” said Reza Raji, founder and CEO of Juggle Labs. “The need for in-person social interaction has always been a fundamental characteristic of all people around the world. Yet, most social tools today are primarily focused in

communication, messaging or sharing, rather than planning. We designed Juggle by reimagining how people plan get-togethers.”

An important feature of the Juggle app is that anyone can be invited to an event, as long as the

host has their mobile number, regardless of whether the guest has or even knows about the

Juggle app. This allows for virtually unlimited ability to create and send invitations for any sort of

event to anyone with any type of smart phone.

The Juggle app is available in the iTunes Store. To download the app, visit http://www.getjuggle.com.

About Juggle Labs

Juggle Labs is the creator of the Juggle app, which enables people to quickly create and send beautiful group invitations to friends. The result is delightful experience that allows users to focus on the fun aspect of their event, without having to worry about the details of the planning


Juggle Labs was co-founded by Reza Raji and Gerry Gutt, who previously co-founded iControl Networks. Juggle Labs is located in Palo Alto and its advisory team includes former and current executives from Disney, Facebook, Google, Instagram, Intuit, Microsoft, Nokia, and Palm.


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