Kiss your #FirstJobProblems goodbye via adding more Gigabytes to your Sun Plan

There is almost always something that we need to catch up one in this fast-paced world, especially for first-time professionals. But that doesn’t mean one has to be left behind with the latest in social media, e-mails, music, and even videos.

Luckily, there’s no need to worry about limiting your online activities — especially now that Sun is unveiling the improved Best Value Non-Stop Surf 450 Add-on for its practical subscribers. When you add Non-Stop Surf 450 on top of your Sun Postpaid plan, you get non-stop surfing online, 1GB of music streaming in SPINNR and 1GB of streaming videos and music and other heavy online usage.

With the add-on’s non-stop surf, subscribers can check and send e-mails, search on Google, and even surf their social media accounts non-stop. 1GB of SPINNR streaming on the other hand translates to 400 four-minute songs while 1GB of heavy surfing allocation means ten 30-minute television shows on iFlix or 75 four-minute videos on Youtube.

This means practical Sun Postpaid subscribers can boost their online activities and enjoy non-stop access to work-related apps such as e-mail and social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, among many others. On top of that, they can also inject more fun and entertainment with access to music and video streaming apps. This way, Sun Postpaid users can easily and enjoyably kiss their #FirstJobProblems goodbye.

This promo is Sun’s way of further empowering subscribers with more ways to get more than what they pay for because with this new add-on, there is no need to limit one’s online experience with expensive capped data. Non-Stop Surf helps eliminate #FirstJobProblems when you can have the best online experience because it’s practical and better than wonderful.

To avail of the Non-Stop Surf 450 on top of your Sun Postpaid Plan, just text Nonstop450 to 247 with 30-day validity. This add-on is also available to prepaid subscribers.

For more information on Non-Stop Surf and Sun’s other practical offerings for those who yearn to get more than what they pay for, visit


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