Paving the way for future professionals

Influencing future leaders and fledgling professionals to be effective and competitive in their chosen careers is a duty NorthPine Land, Inc. (NLI) is keen on fulfilling. That said, the premier property developer launched a Career Talk program targeting graduating students from select campuses.


The real estate developer visited AMA for the first leg of the series of Career Talks. AMA Angeles and AMA San Fernando are two of the 41 nationwide colleges under the AMA Education System umbrella. Ms. Amytis Mahal Banaag, NLI’s AVP for HRODA, Sales Training and Corporate Sales, led an informative and inspiring lecture on career planning which starts in nurturing talents.



Ms. Amytis Banaag (third to the right) with students of AMA Angeles.



Students of AMA San Fernando in an interactive discussion with Ms. Amytis Banaag.

“There is no definite way to go through the world of professionals and come out successful. With this knowledge, we are left with the task of guiding the young generation to be the best they can be by nurturing their own potentials. We are ecstatic to be an instrument in honing career leaders,” shared Ms. Banaag.

AMA 1.jpg

AMA Angeles awarded NLI a certificate of appreciation at the end of the Career Talk.


NLI is big on making dreams come to life and acknowledges the abundance of career options available in the real estate industry. Since graduations mark the first step to the fulfilment of one’s dreams, NLI not only opens its doors to career-seekers but also builds a productive corporate involvement in the decisive chapter in the lives of many.


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