Staycation ideas this rainy season

Summer is now over and the rainy season is visiting us once more. It is time to come up with ideas on how to enjoy a “staycation” or vacation at home.


For some, this means turning on the home entertainment system – watching movies and doing some videoke time. It could also mean hibernating in your room with your favorite gadgets. Or do some baking using their electric ovens.


With all this electricity being consumed, Meralco’s recent announcement of lower electricity rates this June is welcome news. Rates are going down this month by Php 0.13 per kilowatt-hour (kWh).

 June 2016 rates

Meralco spokesperson Joe Zaldarriaga explained the reduction is due to lower generation charge (gencharge) or the cost incurred by power generation companies in producing electricity, which Meralco collects from its customers.


This month’s gencharge, the lowest rate since October 2004, more than offsets higher transmission charge, which goes to the National Grid Corporation of the Philippines (NGCP) for the use of its transmission lines where power supply flows.


Meralco bills and collects the gencharge, transmission charge and other monthly bill components like taxes, but these are pass-through charges that the power utility remits accordingly. The only payment that remains with Meralco are the distribution, supply, and metering charges, which have remained unchanged since its mandated reduction in July 2015.


Electricity safety tips


While we‘re at it, let me share with you some electricity safety tips from Meralco that will help prevent accidents during floods. These include switching off the main electrical power or circuit breaker, unplugging appliances from wall sockets, unscrewing light bulbs, and having a licensed electrician check all electrical wirings and affected appliances before switching power back on.


Learn more safety tips from Meralco’s website, Twitter @meralco and Facebook page. Also, keep in mind its 24-hour hotline: 16211.


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