Keep food fresh up to 2x longer with the Samsung Twin Cool Refrigerator

Today’s fast-paced world calls for a reliable house partner that moves with the times. Modern families need extra help to do daily chores more efficiently to spare more time and energy for moments that matter. 

Samsung Twin Cool Refrigerator (2)

Samsung’s Digital Appliances are trusted and dependable partners for time-pressed professionals who strive to balance work and family time. This commitment to efficiency is evident in Samsung’s Twin Cool Refrigerator, which ensures that food stays fresh up to two times longer. This means fresher, better-tasting food at the table and fewer grocery trips for multi-tasking homemakers.

Samsung’s innovative Twin Cooling System controls the refrigerator and freezer independently, which brings superior energy savings and capacity for wiser consumption with each compartment set to its optimal temperature.

The Samsung Twin Cool Refrigerator has a smart conversion feature that gives flexibility for five different conversions modes, including Regular Mode. For instance, users can easily convert the freezer into a fridge to store more groceries in “Fridge Max.” If going on vacation, users can keep only the freezer on with “Vacation.” With the change of season, the “Energy Saving” keeps only the fridge on. Lastly, the “Mini Fridges” is for when there’s not a lot to store, converting the freezer compartment into a fridge.

For unparalleled performance, the Samsung Twin Cool Refrigerator uses digital inverter technology, which ensures efficient energy consumption. It also comes with a voltage control mechanism for protection against power surges that easily damage appliances. With all these, the Samsung Twin Cool Refrigerator provides years of unmatched performance and unprecedented conveniences.

“Samsung brings meaningful and timely innovation to make everyday life easier and simply better. With its unique ability to keep food fresh much longer, provide flexible cooling options, and save power costs, the Samsung Twin Cool Refrigerator proves to be a reliable partner for freshness and a welcome addition to the modern Filipino home,” said Stephanie Chua, Head of Product Marketing, Digital Appliances.

The Samsung Twin Cool Refrigerator is available across all Samsung Authorized Dealers nationwide. For more information visit, like Samsung’s official Facebook page,, or follow @SamsungPH on Twitter and Instagram.


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