Basketball Fans Worldwide Flocked to Twitter for Nail-Biting #NBAFinals Series

Basketball fans all over the world went to Twitter to express and share their excitement, surprise and joy as they tuned in to the nail-biting and historic #NBAFinals series. As the Cleveland Cavaliers (@cavs) defeated the Golden State Warriors (@warriors) in a thrilling seven-game #NBAFinals, @NBA fans around the world caught the hoops action and conversation live on Twitter.

In fact, the live conversation on Twitter about the #NBAFinals spread across the globe with over 24.2 million Tweets sent during the live #NBAFinals games. These Tweets had over 8 billion views on Twitter and across the web (from June 2 to 19, 2016). And Game 7 was the most Tweeted game in #NBAFinals history with over 8.4 million Tweets.

Here are the top 3 moments that generated the biggest peaks of Twitter conversation in the series, all of which were in the deciding Game 7:

1.       End of series: @cavs defeat @warriors 93-89 to win #NBAFinals

2.       LeBron James (@KingJames) hits free throw to put @Cavs up 93-89

3.       Kyrie Irving (@KyrieIrving) gives @cavs 92-89 lead with 53 seconds left in the game

Finals MVP LeBron James was mentioned over 11 million times on Twitter during the #NBAFinals:

Lebron Reverb.jpg

(Embed code:

Meanwhile, the @warriors also went to Twitter to graciously express their congratulations to the 2016 NBA champions.

Behind-the-scenes access on Twitter

Fans on Twitter were part of the celebration thanks to the @NBA and @cavs bringing fans on the court and inside the locker room:

Filipinos Join Global Celebration

Filipino hoop fans weren’t left behind in watching and discussing the finals series on Twitter. Even local fans posted Tweets to show support and excitement over the final game.


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