Spotify teams up with Manila Broadcasting Company

Spotify, the world’s most popular music streaming service, has collaborated with Manila Broadcasting Company (MBC) for an exclusive partnership to boost local entertainment experience in the Philippines.


MBC FM radio stations and radio DJs can now connect with Pinoy music lovers in a more meaningful way by leveraging on Spotify’s depth of insights on local and global listening habits and trends. This will enable MBC’s radio stations, to introduce new music playlists, charts and superior programming content that would resonate better amongst listeners.


“We are ecstatic to launch this partnership with Manila Broadcasting Company in the Philippines as this is our way to further strengthen expert curation and discovery which is core to the Spotify experience,” says Michael Richardson, Head of Business Development, Spotify, APAC. “Making playlists from FM radio brands such as Love Radio, Yes FM, and Easy Rock available to consumers will allow MBC to connect with Spotify’s large, growing and unique audience while our users continue to enjoy the best in music. Now, MBC radio stations will also be able to produce programming such as chart shows from Spotify’s data. This will provide direct insights into what Filipinos are currently listening to across the country.”


Pinoy music fans can now enjoy curated playlists by Love Radio, Yes FM and Easy Rock on Spotify.


“Radio remains the number one music discovery platform in the Philippines,” MBC President Ruperto Nicdao, Jr. affirms. “Spotify, the most popular music streaming platform, recognizes the big influence of radio and its personalities on listening habits of the public. Contrary to what many believe, we are not competing with the application; we are complementary to each other.”


Set up an account in Spotify now and listen to the playlists curated by your favourite radio stations, Love Radio, Yes FM and Easy Rock on Spotify!


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