Single/Single barkada gets second chances in episode 11

Last week, our favourite weekend barkada got together once again to celebrate Tita Bianca and Dwight’s upcoming wedding. The occasion also gave them the opportunity to learn from the engaged couple’s experiences and to reflect on their own romantic statuses.


This week, find out if Joey and Joee are ready to rekindle their love story or if there really is no hope of a happily ever after for them. As for the officially-single Ranee and loveless Benny, will they give love another shot? Or has their recent heartbreaks permanently scarred their fragile hearts?


Find out how your favourite weekend barkada will get through this #HowtoAdult dilemma on episode 11 of PhilStarTV and Cinema One’s award-winning romantic-comedy series, Single/Single season 2.


The show airs every Sunday, 10PM on Cinema One with replays on Wednesdays, 8:30pm and Saturdays, 9pm.  Past episodes can also be viewed on For more updates, visit and follow @SingleSingleC1 on Twitter and Instagram.


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