The Truth about Samsung Curved TVs

Tech enthusiasts, movie buffs, gamers, and binge-watchers may agree that curved TVs are the next big thing in the TV and entertainment industry.

As a leader in technology and innovation, Samsung continues to raise the bar in TV viewing with its Curved TVs. Promising an immersive and truly enthralling experience, Samsung Curved TVs trump Flat TVs in terms of design and technology. Here are three good reasons why more consumers are switching to Samsung Curved TVs:

Samsung Curved TVs provide viewers with a “wrap-around” effect. Samsung Curved TVs make images seem larger than they are. This creates a sensation of being “right there” on the scene, giving a new dimension to movie watching and making it an incredibly enjoyable experience.  This is just one example of how Samsung is changing the way people consume entertainment.

Samsung Curved TVs cause less eye strain. With the TV screen following the natural curves of the eyes, Samsung Curved TVs allow viewers to see the edges of the screen without distortion giving their eyes less work while watching TV. In turn, this makes the viewer’s eyes more relaxed, preventing eye strain. Viewers can look forward to more movie marathons and endless hours of TV watching without experiencing eye fatigue.

Design. Beyond the technological advances, Samsung Curved TVs boast an elegant 360-degree design, making it the star of any living room. The Samsung Curved TV not only upgrades one’s viewing experience, it also adds to the aesthetics of the room. The 360-design is expected to be the new standard in the market, ending the idea of wall mounts.

With Samsung’s Curved TVs, TV viewing will surely cross the line to the realm of the extraordinary. For more information, like Samsung on Facebook or log on to


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