#InternetForAll: Cebuanos to Enjoy Future-Ready, World Class Network from Smart

Residents, tourists and businesses in Cebu are set to enjoy future-ready and world class connectivity as Smart boosts the coverage of its LTE and 3G mobile data services in Metro Cebu. The biggest gain will be in LTE coverage, which will quadruple while 3G coverage will double in the country’s second largest urban center.

This initiative is part of Smart’s major expansion of its mobile internet coverage in Metro Cebu over the next three months as part of its three-year network improvement program that aims to bring high-speed internet service to 95% of the country’s cities and towns.

“The activities we are implementing will greatly improve the reach and quality of our mobile phone and mobile internet services in Metro Cebu which is the central hub for business, education, and tourism in the Visayas region,” said Joachim Horn, chief technology and information advisor at PLDT and Smart.

Even as LTE is the focus of the network improvement program in Metro Cebu, Smart noted that is just a part of a broader effort to improve the overall quality of service available to millions of Smart, TNT, and Sun subscribers in the entire Cebu province.

Horn also noted that in the process of this network expansion and upgrade, there may be bumps along the way that may affect the experience of subscribers in the region.

“As with every major network improvement program, some of the changes we will implement in both hardware and software might result in some service disruption and affect small clusters of subscribers from time to time,” said Ramon Isberto, head of public affairs at PLDT and Smart.

These activities are being done during the most inactive hours of the day, assured Isberto, and Smart is putting systems in place to minimise the impact on subscribers.

“We have a lot of work to do. But everyone in Smart is working twice as hard to make this entire exercise as painless as possible to our customers. We are also actively updating them, so they can prepare accordingly.

In the end, our commitment to all our subscribers is that they will have the best possible experience, particularly for mobile data,” added Isberto.


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