11 ways of wearing your 511 and 711 jeans

Trends come and go but chances are the skinny fad is here to stay. After all, nothing matches the versatility of slim-fit jeans: it can go with just about anything—from loose to stretchy to body-skimming tops.


Skinny jeans can also be “dressed up”. Ladies can pair these with a classy, button-down white shirt and statement heels and strut into the office—on Casual Fridays. Men can wear their slim-fit jeans with dress shirts and light jacket and go from office to client calls.


Now, when it comes to skinny jeans, Levi’s—a trusted brand in authentic and form-fitting jeans—offers only the best.


Levi’s 511 Slim for men, made from 17 oz. heavyweight denim and premium selvedge, is an ideal choice for optimum style and comfort. Available in different finishes inspired by the “great outdoors,” this slim-fit jeans exude a well-worn vibe, with a touch of modernity.


For women, 711 Skinny is the perfect slim-fit pair. Made from selvedge denim with soft Tencel, the 711 Skinny comes in a range of finishes—from classic to vintage-inspired.


Looking for more new ways to wear your Levi’s 511 Slim or 711 Skinny? Let Levi’s inspire you with the following mix-matching tips.


For ladies:

For a casual, rugged and relaxed look, match the 711 Skinny with a shirt in a neutral shade, and black heels.
For a casual, rugged and relaxed look, match the 711 Skinny with a shirt in a neutral shade, and black heels.

Look smart and classy by going all black. Pair the 711 black coal with a black t-shirt, black blazer and black heeled sandals—a simple but timeless look.


Or, you could choose go the classy white path. Wear a long-sleeved white top to match your 711 Skinny. Make it more sophisticated with a dark blue cardigan and silver heels.


For a sexy, effortless vibe, match a simple grey v-neck shirt with your 711 Skinny. A pair of high heels would add an edge to this look. Add a black leather jacket and you’re ready to party.


Raring for a casual everyday look, but bored with the usual white tee? Wear a statement top—a long-sleeved shirt, to deviate from the everyday tee—and match it with your 711 Skinny.


The chilly Christmas weather is starting to set in, and wearing plain jackets can be a bore. A red and black checkered jacket would go well with the 711.


For men:


Avoid the “tight everything” trap a lot of guys fall into. When wearing the 511, replace skin-tight tees with regular-fitting tops. Or choose a slim-fit tee one size up from your normal size.


Levi’s 511 would look incredibly good with tops that fall within the monochrome color palette—black, white, grey or navy—with one or two splashes of color. Complete the look with a brown suede jacket, and black shoes.


Or, instead of choosing a neutral color, go all black. Wear a black long-sleeved to match a black 511 Slim. This is a perfect smart casual look for the office, and an after-work hang-out ensemble with friends.


Slim jeans is a great counterpart to oversized jackets, or long-sleeved tops with contrasting weights and fun colors. Try pairing the 511 with an army print long-sleeved top and black sneakers, and top the look off with an oversized black jacket.


Of course, denim on denim looks great on both women and men. Match your tee and 511 or 711 with your best Levi’s denim jacket, and look as cool and stylish as ever.


Whichever way you want to mix ’em up, just let the 511 and 711 be the star of your wardrobe.


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