Ride the waves this November with Food Hero 2015’s winner, Ili Sulaiman, as she sets sail to six coastal cities in Asia, fishing out mouth-watering seafood dishes amid stunning beach locations. Watch her learn each city’s unique cooking methods and how she recreates them with a fresh perspective. The exclusive six-episode series by Asian Food Channel, By The Sea with Ili, begins serving seafood lovers through weekly 30-minute bite-sized portions, starting Thursday, 10 November at 10pm on Asian Food Channel (SkyCable chl. 22 and chl. 248 for HD, Dream Satellite TV chl. 27, Cignal chl. 26 amd Destiny Cable chl. 71 and chl. 22 for Digital).


Host Ili Sulaiman said, “Not only do I get the chance to unearth stories behind all the flavorsome dishes from each city, I also get to taste it! The most rewarding part of this production was experiencing the warmth and sincerity extended by the local fishermen, street vendors to the chefs that I had the privilege to meet. I hope viewers get to experience that through the show and enjoy it as much as I had in hosting it.”


Seafood is widely consumed around the world and Asia alone has more than 100 different types of unique seafood. Even within Asia, the preparation and cooking styles vary widely to best cater to local taste and preference.


Traverse with Ili to coastal cities such as Da Nang, Phuket and Terengganu, as she meets the locals from different walks of lives. Be enthralled by the stories of these individuals ranging from a deep-sea diving fisherman, Thailand’s ‘Culinary Champion’ and even a sea gypsy! In each episode, take in the gastronomical goodness and watch how Ili whips up dishes inspired by cooking methods and local seafood, whilst staying true to and incorporating the rich history of that unique city.


Here’s a sneak peek to what you can feast your eyes on this November By The Sea with Ili!

Venture to Vietnam


In the episode premiere, explore the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Hoi An City, with Ili and meet with 51-year-old deep sea diving fisherman who hunts sea urchins for a living. She also meets a local that ignites her five senses with Spicy Clams in Hotpot, Spicy Snails with Lemongrass and Fresh Herbs and Fried Prawn Wanton topped with Crab Meat Sauce. Set against breathtaking views, Ili then whips up Crispy Noodles And Prawn Stir fry and Umai on Chinese Lettuce Leaves with Lemongrass Fried Rice.


Unearth Thailand’s hidden treasures


Known to only a few, Phuket is home to an ancient seafaring civilization, the Cham people or more commonly known as ‘sea gypsies’. Watch how Ili works a traditional fish trap and discover exotic sea grapes with the help of a sea gypsy. Set against the beautiful Andaman Sea, Ili cooks up Steamed Crab with Seaweed Aioli and Pineapple and Prawn Peranakan Curry.



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