McDonald’s reminds customers to keep your “Eyes On Your Fries!” with a 3D billboard

McDonald’s offers a visual treat to commuters with a larger-than-life installation of its iconic product, the World Famous Fries. If you have passed by along EDSA Mandaluyong Southbound (side of Guadalupe Bridge) or checked social media lately, chances are you’ve seen the new installation on the standout ESL Tower.

McDonald’s invites commuters and pedestrians to keep your “Eyes On Your Fries!” with an unbelievably exciting 3D billboard featuring four lifelike mannequins forming a human chain, hanging from an open window and reaching out to grab a fry!

The amusing, creative installation is McDonald’s latest celebration of The World Famous Fries, made with premium potatoes that are perfectly golden and crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. The iconic product on the McDonald’s menu, with its signature Red Fry Box and distinctly mouthwatering aroma, is beloved locally and all over the globe—it’s no surprise that customers are willing to go beyond the usual means to get a taste of it wherever and whenever.

See it for yourself and give in to your World Famous Fries craving! Head to the McDonald’s nearest you or have it delivered (via 8-6236,, or McDo PH app) and enjoy a generous serving of McDonald’s World Famous Fries.

Show how much you love the World Famous Fries by posting your photos on Facebook, or tagging @McDo_PH on Twitter or Instagram.


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