10 Holiday Gifts Ideas for Travelers and Trendsetters

The most wonderful time of the year is here! However, the holiday cheer may also mean jam-packed malls and heavy traffic around the metro. Don’t let the holiday rush ruin your Christmas spirit by shopping online. Choose from a wide selection of products for every budget at Takatack, Lazada, Zalora, and other online marketplaces by using PayMaya.


To make your holiday shopping even easier, PayMaya has rounded up a list of fashionable and functional gift ideas to impress the travel junkie or style maven in your family or barkada.




  1. Travel Organizer – If your friends or family are still traveling with cluttered luggage, you’ll do them a huge favor by surprising them with packing cubes. These travel organizers let you roll your clothes into compartments neatly so they don’t scatter all over the place in your luggage. You can find packing cubes in Lazada here.


  1. Travel Pillows – Whether it’s for an out of town road trip or a domestic or international flight, a travel pillow can be anyone’s best friend. Here are a couple of fun variations of the usual travel neck pillow:


  1. a) The Neck Pillow With Hoodie (excellent for hiding your eyes when you sleep in the car. Takatack sells this online here)


  1. b) The Pillow Blanket


  1. A Foldable Water Bottle – We all want to stay hydrated when we travel, but it’s such a hassle to carry a bulky water bottle. Get your eco-conscious buddies a lightweight, reusable water bottle instead. Check it out here.


  1. Airbnb Gift Card – Kick off their travels by sending your traveling friends an Airbnb gift card. With Airbnb, they book unique places around the world where they can feel home away from home, whether it’s renting a private room, apartment, an entire house, a castle, or a villa.


  1. Travel Cord Roll/ Cable Organizer – One of the peskiest things to happen to you is to have to untangle your cords from each other. Save your friends the trouble with a cable organizer; best to get those leather travel cord rolls for that authentic adventurous feel.




  1. A Watch They Don’t Have Yet – Ladies and gentlemen need four types of watches in their wardrobe. We’re sure there’s at least one they don’t have yet. Click the links to look them up on ZALORA.


  1. A leather band dress watch: Understated but very classy. Black straps can go for more formal events or dress up casual ones. Choose brown straps for business casual and less formal settings.
  1. b)Metal band watches: For men, get metal dive watches. They’re high-performing, utilitarian, and rugged, and can work with everything you own, and especially look handsomely sharp with suits and formal wear. For women, classic silver, gold tones, and rose-gold tone bands will always add a big touch of elegance.


  1. c)Sports smartwatches: Getting fit is increasingly becoming a popular lifestyle these days. To track your progress in running, swimming, biking, nutrition, sleep, and more, you’re going to need a sports smart watch like a Fitbit or Garmin.


  1. d)Everyday casual watch: Nylon or canvas banded watches are great for laid-back days when you’re just going to a hangout with friends on the weekend, or running Saturday errands in shorts.


  1. A Stylish But Functional Backpack Aka Grown Up Bag – If there’s one kind of bag anyone should own in their entire life it’s a leather backpack, rucksack, or satchel. Why? It’s unisex, it goes well with formal or casual attire, it ages beautifully, if it’s quality leather, it’s sturdy, and it will last even up to the point your children can own it. There are even leather satchels that can be converted into backpacks and briefcases. You can check some out here.


  1. Patterned Socks – For men, high patterned socks are always a fun gift that can add personality and unique style to their looks. This version for women has recently started to come in the form of Korean socks ever since white sneakers came into fashion.


  1. Bomber Jackets – Bomber jackets can make simple outfits edgy and you can wear it anywhere you go.  A unisex clothing article, the bomber jacket is also said to make men “instantly handsomer”.


  1. A High Quality Wallet – A quality wallet is one accessory that every lady and gent should pay attention to. It isn’t visible most of the time, but when you do bring it out on dates, on lunchouts with friends, it actually acts as a symbol of how well put together you are. After all, sometimes it’s the small things that make a big impact.


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