Celebrate Chinese New Year with a Touch of Mexico

Kung Hei Fat Choi, Compadres! Your friends here at Jose Cuervo bring you tidings this Chinese New Year. This year, the Chinese Zodiac celebrates the year of the rooster, and in particular, the famed Red Fire Rooster.


In accordance to the zodiac, the year of the Red Fire Rooster looks to be a positive one, with good news and progress to be found in the sectors of love, growth, and wealth.


This Chinese New Year, consider bringing in the New Year with a touch of Mexico. Both cultures are held together by a sense of superstition that is deeply rooted in a tradition that has continued to thrive over the course of several centuries, starting in the sixteenth century when the Manila-Acapulco galleon trade began distributing goods and spices from the East.


The tradition still continues today in Mexico City’s famed Barrio Chino neighbourhood. For over a century, this neighbourhood has become the heart of Chinese-Mexican culture, with shops and local businesses fusing traditional Chinese furnishings with beloved Mexican iconographies, such as statues of San Juan Tadeo and the Virgin of Guadalupe.

In February 2008, Mexico City Major Marcelo Ebrard and Chinese ambassador Yen Hengmin, inaugurated the Chinese Arch at the Santos Degollado Plaza. The arch stands as a tribute to the impact that Chinese immigration has had on Mexico City.


This Chinese New Years, treat yourself to a shot of Reposado as you celebrate the pageantry that’s made the event celebrated the world over. From the fireworks to the parades, make the most of your Chinese New Year with the best Mexico has to offer.


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