Ensure early detection with the DINION IP thermal 8000

In environments with limited vision due to poor lighting, smoke or complete darkness, the Bosch DINION IP thermal 8000 camera offers excellent thermal performance, built-in Intelligent Video Analytics and outstanding corrosion resistance (meeting the EN 50130-5 salt mist test, withstanding up to 1000 hours of salt/mist under test conditions). This makes it ideal for outdoor use in mission-critical applications such as perimeter protections of airports, critical infrastructures, government buildings and bridges.



Early object detection


What makes the DINION IP thermal 8000 camera so special is the combination of thermal imaging and standard Intelligent Video Analytics at the edge. Combining these features makes the camera suitable for applications that require video content analysis over larger distances up to 762m. The state-of-the-art Intelligent Video Analytics enables the camera to differentiate between genuine security events and known false triggers such as challenging environments or applications that require video content analysis over larger distances.




Bosch is driving a four-step approach to maximize data security by considering physical and cyber security. It involves creating trust, securing data, managing user access rights and meeting IT industry standards.


Because the camera is often the most remote outpost in a network, it is easily overlooked when implementing data security measures. We have several measures in place to secure our cameras. One measure is that all Bosch IP cameras feature a unique, built-in Trusted Platform Module (TPM). This safely store all certificates and keys needed for authentication and encryption. Even in cases of unauthorized access, the TPM ensures that the keys cannot be retrieved


For more information, please visit: www.boschsecurity.asia



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