ViewSonic announces their Simplify Complexity product lineup to be showcased at GESS 2017

ViewSonic Corp., a leading global provider of visual solution products, releases details about the products that are showcased at the GESS 2017 and elaborates on its 30th anniversary Simplify Complexity campaign.


“Simplify Complexity is about delivering collaborative solutions for sharing new ideas and content. Our goal is to encourage our customers to keep up with trends in technology by offering products that are easy to integrate and have a more intuitive feel”, said Johnson Choi, ViewSonic’s Director of Sales & Marketing. “Our partnership with some of the most dynamic software and hardware companies in the industry has helped us develop our most high-performance and user-friendly Interactive Flat Panels, Corporate Displays, and Projectors to date.”


Heading up ViewSonic’s Interactive Flat Panel display line will be the company’s new ViewBoard digital whiteboard. ViewBoard offers a collaborative large format display solution, with models specialized for both corporate and education use. ViewBoard, is available in 75” and 86” and comes with a slot-in PC, which makes installation and connection easy in any environment. Features such as ViewBoard’s exclusive Floating Pen and One-Touch to Google Drive Save functions, give it an edge over the competition by providing an efficient and easy to use means to storing and sharing content. Built-in applications such as vBoard annotation software and vMeeting powered by Zoom for document sharing and video conferencing add to ViewBoard’s versatile toolkit and are suitable for use in both the boardroom and the classroom. Multi-point touch response and screen recording come standard and add another layer of interactivity for group settings.


From the company’s digital signage line, ViewSonic will feature its CDX5552 display, which sports an ultra-narrow 3.5mm bezel and 4K Ultra HD capability. Designed for application in public venues, retail outlets, and transportation hubs, users have the option of daisy-chaining four displays together 2×2 to deliver impactful messaging and an immersive 4K experience. Additionally, ViewSonic will also be introducing some new models to its ePoster digital signage series with its EP1042T and EP5520. The 10” EP1042T interactive digital poster delivers high-impact multimedia messages from up-close for a more intimate approach to signage, while the free-standing EP5520 offers a vibrant 55” LED display. Both of these all-in-one displays come equipped with top of the line integrated media players combined with easy-to-use design and management software. Their slim profile, stylish design, and durable build quality just the ticket when it comes to public display application.


ViewSonic’s projector line will be presented with the company’s PS750W and LS830 projectors, which offer a user-friendly approach to high-quality projection. The PS750W is a total solution for projection in the education sector, complete with built-in interactive modules and wall mount accessories. With a 0.23 ultra-short throw ratio, the projector can be subtly positioned within inches of a projection screen, making it flexible enough to fit into any classroom or educational space. Built-in interactive modules encourage collaboration in the classroom, while the PortAll® hidden compartment gives teachers more flexibility to present diversified lesson content with specially designed connection for wireless devices, dongles, PC sticks, and tablets. Attendees can also expect to catch a glimpse of company’s LS830 Laser Projector for home theatre projection. LS830 offers an ultra-short throw with top of the line performance and quality through the use of laser technology. When paired with ViewSonic’s specially engineered BCP120 diffuser screen, users will enjoy an unmatchable viewing experience, even in high ambient light environments.


Products from the company’s TD series touch monitors and Pen Display lines will be making an appearance at the exhibition as well. “We feel that our user-friendly approach to the products showcased at GESS 2017 will help our users more seamlessly integrate cutting-edge solutions into their workflow”, said Johnson Choi. “We look forward to seeing you all at the exhibition and eager to hear your feedback on our latest showcased solutions.”


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